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In our Media Production Specialist workforce training program, you will learn how to produce a film from start to finish, using industry-standard equipment and software to shoot and edit videos. Taught in conjunction with Carroll Media Center.

Approx. Number of Hours:


Program Cost:**


Est. Hourly Wage:*

$24-37 per hour

Media Production Specialist Job Overview


Media production specialists produce, edit and manipulate images, graphics, audio and video to inform or entertain a wide audience.

Work can be as a freelancer or as a professional in the video and media production field.  

Financial Assistance

There’s more than $150,000 in funding available to help pay for short-term job training. Up to 90% of costs may be covered to complete this training program.


View all current course offerings. Not all courses are offered within every term schedule. 

MMD-005 Introductory Seminar in Media Production
DAP-842 Media Pre-Production
DAP-843 Audio Production
MMD-002 Media Production
MMD-003 Media Post-production
MMD-004 Formatting Media Content for Online Platforms
MMD-001 Media Production Specialist Capstone

Interested in enrolling?

Contact our Continuing Education Office (Room A115) if you have any questions or concerns.

410-386-8100 |

*Wages are based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and are estimates only. 

**Unless noted, cost does not include any required textbooks and related materials, applicable licensing fees, background check fees, testing fees or prerequisite courses.