College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Carroll awards credits for CLEP exam performance.

To earn college credit for CLEP performance, you must receive a qualifying score of 50 or higher on the computerized CLEP exam and submit official score reports from the College Board to Carroll.

Request your official scores be sent to Carroll at the time of testing or visit the The College Board to download a request form after you test. While CLEP credits are accepted, Carroll is not a CLEP test site.

Review the table below to determine CLEP course equivalencies. 


 CLEP Exams  Carroll Courses  Carroll
 Financial Accounting  ACCT-101 3
 Business Law, Introductory  BUAD-205 3
 Chemistry  CHEM Elective 3
 Information Systems and
 Computer Applications
 CIS-101 3
 Micro Economics, Principles of  ECON-101 3
 Macro Economics, Principles of  ECON-102 3
 Educational Psychology  EDUC-125 3
 Western Civilization I:
 Ancient Near East to 1648
 HIST-101 3
 Western Civilization II:
 1648 to Present
 HIST-102 3
 History of the U.S. I:
 Early Colonization
 HIST-105 3
 History of the U.S. II:
 1865 to the Present
 HIST-106 3
 African American History  HIST Elective 3
 Humanities (Fine Arts only)  HUMT Elective 3
 College Algebra  MATH-128 4
 Precalculus  MATH-130 5
 Calculus  MATH-135 4
 College Mathematics  MATH Elective 3
 Marketing, Principles of  MKTG-201 3
 American Government  POLS-101 3
 Psychology, Introductory  PSYC-101 3
 Natural Sciences  SCI Elective 6
 Sociology, Introductory  SOC-101 3
 Spanish  SPAN-101 3
 Spanish  SPAN-102 3


Credit may be granted for additional CLEP exams other than those listed above. See the appropriate department chairperson for information. For additional information, review the Credit for Prior Learning policy.

When transferring to a four year institution, CLEP credits are evaluated based on the scores that the transfer institution accepts. Official scores need to be forwarded to the transfer institution directly from College Board.

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