Carroll Community College Nursing Program Granted Approval to Begin Pre-Accreditation Process

Release Date
Sylvia Blair, Carroll Community College, 410-386-8411
Press Release

Carroll Community College received notice from the National League for Nursing--Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (NLN,CNEA), that the  Registered Nursing Program holds pre-accreditation status. Nursing programs must apply for the opportunity to have pre-accreditation status.  

“This is the first step for the Nursing Program to begin a multi-step, multi-year process that allows our accrediting body to consider the program for initial accreditation,” said Nursing Program Director Dr. Nancy Perry. “When a program becomes accredited, it demonstrates that the program meets industry standards of excellence in curriculum development and in quality improvement. Accredited programs typically will increase the caliber of students they attract and historically show improved program outcomes, such as pass rate on licensure exams.”  

“Our next step will be to begin a program-wide self-study, in which evidence is gathered and presented in a formal written document. A self-study demonstrates that the Nursing Program exceeds the standards set forth by the accrediting body. The self -study will begin in fall, 2017, followed by a visit from the accrediting body, and then a formal hearing before the accrediting board. This timetable illustrates the depth and breadth of preparation going into the process,” said Perry.  

“Program quality is our number one priority,” said College President Dr. James D. Ball. “We continuously work to assure that programs meet standards established by professional organizations and accrediting bodies. I am excited about the emergence of this new NLN-CNEA accreditation process. Completing the process will help validate program performance against national standards and will allow us to continuously strengthen program outcomes.”  

The Nursing Program is a competitive admissions selective program in which 72 students are accepted from about 130 applications each year. Students may prepare to become Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). RNs require specialized knowledge, judgement and skills to practice nursing. LPNs work in a team relationship with the registered nurse or physician in providing basic bedside care.