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Adjunct Faculty - Fall 2018

Adjunct Faculty - Fall 2018

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Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty needed for the Fall 2018 Semester to begin August 2018, to teach day (D) and evening (E) or both (B) classes at Carroll Community College:

CGR-157 Introduction to Web Design T/TH (E)

CYBR-106 Computer Repair and Support 1 (E)

CYBR-107 Computer Repair and Support 2 (E)

CYBR-108 Linux System Administration (E)  

ENCE-250 Discrete Structures (D)

ENEE-244 Digital Logic Design (D)

ENEE-245 Digital Systems/Circuits lab (D)

ENGL-101 College Writing (D)

ENGL-102 Writing About Literature (D)

FREN-101 Elementary French 1 T/R (D)

FREN-201 Intermediate French 1 T/R (D)

MAT-095 Foundations for College Math (D/E)

MAT-099 Preparation for Precalculus (D/E)

MATH-123 Precalculus (Part 1 D/E)

MATH-124 Precalculus (Part 2 D/E)

MATH-130 Precalculus (one semester) (D/E)

MATH-135 Calculus 1 (D/E)

MATH-136 Calculus 2(D)

MATH-205 Multivariable Calculus/Calculus 3 (D)

SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish 2 T/R (D)


Master’s Degree in appropriate discipline generally required. (Need for advanced degree may be waived in some disciplines.) Prior teaching experience at secondary or college level preferred. To apply, send a cover letter indicating subject of interest and a resume to Adjuncthiring@carrollcc.edu.

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