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DFAB-205 - SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals
SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals will cover advanced fundamental functions required to model and document a design in SOLIDWORKS. This course prepares students to complete the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Exam as the final exam. Certification is not guaranteed. Prerequisite: DFAB-105 with a "C" grade or better. Can be taken concurrently with DFAB-270 with permission of Division Chair. Three hours lecture each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. Offered Spring term only.
Academic Level:
Digital Fabrication
Digital Fabrication*
Please see course description for all prerequisites.
Course Objectives: 1. Set up part and assembly views for use in drawings (PG1, PG5). 2. Generate drawing files and sheets with appropriate formats and attributes (PG1, PG5). 3. Demonstrate a mastery of key characteristics of drawing sheets and views (PG1, PG5). 4. Create functional driving dimensions (PG1, PG5). 5. Compose blocks, notes, annotations, and symbols from geometric models (PG 1, PG5). 6. Construct components in many types of assembly drawing views (PG 1, PG5). 7. Manipulate sheet files and templates for appropriate functions (PG 1, PG5). 8. Produce a customized bill of materials (BOM) content and associated templates (PG 1, PG5). 9. Use various assembly modes and other troubleshooting tools to resolve performance and display issues (PG 1, PG5). 10. Compare various drawing references (PG 1, PG5).ferences (PG 1, PG5).
SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals
Course: DFAB-205 - SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals