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HIT-115 - Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology is designed to introduce students to specific disease processes in the human body including the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Topics also include: drug classifications, drug actions, the most commonly prescribed drugs and reference materials. Prerequisite: HIT-111 and BIOL-105, with minimum grades of C or better. HIT-115 may be taken concurrently with HIT-121 or HIT-122. Four hours lecture each week. Four credits. Four billable hours. Offered Fall term only.
Academic Level:
Health Information Technology
Health Information Tech*
Please see course description for all prerequisites.
On completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Recognize common medical conditions diseases associated with the different body system. (PG.1) 2. State related signs symptoms, methods for making the diagnosis, and typical treatment for common medical conditions. (PG.1, PG.2) 3. Demonstrate use of the Internet and other reference tools for research of unfamiliar disease topics, medical procedures, and drug therapy. (GE.4) 4. Match therapeutic drugs to their use in treatment of common medical conditions and diseases. (GE.2, PG.4) 5. Identify drugs chemicals associated with performance of diagnostic procedures (such as nuclear medicine scans. (GE.2, PG.4)
Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
Course: HIT-115 - Pathophysiology & Pharmacology