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ART-110 - 3-D Design
3-D Design introduces materials, methodology, and basic concepts applicable to sculpture, display, interior and architectural design, industrial design and other areas dealing with three-dimensional form. This is a hands-on studio course intended for students who will be taking additional art courses which involve applications for the concepts developed in 3-D Design and is recommended for 3D/animation students. Advanced Placement Exam (Art 3-D with a score of 3) accepted. Prerequisite: ART-101(or two years of high school art with advisor signature) or DFAB-100, plus exemption/completion of READ A-D or ENG-001. Two hours lecture. Two hours lab each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. Offered Spring and Fall terms.
Academic Level:
Art and Design
Art and Design*
Upon successful completion of Art-110 (C or better), the student will have met the following objectives: 1. Create and maintain a portfolio which demonstrates understanding of elements and principles of design relative to three dimensional media. (GE 5 PG 5) 2. Demonstrate linear, planar and volumetric forms utilizing construction, carving and modeling in both additive and subtractive modes. (GE 5 PG 1) 3. Create a three-dimensional form from a two-dimensional source. (GE 3 PG 2) 4. Analyze a structure from imagery to stylization to abstraction. (GE 3 PG 2) 5. Demonstrate understanding of effective articulation of design concepts through verbal and written critique. (GE 1 PG 5) 6. Demonstrate awareness of historical and cultural influences in 3D media. (GE 6 PG 4)
3-D Design
Course: ART-110 - 3-D Design