Campus Activities Board

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  • Join the Campus Activities Board (CAB)!

    One of the best aspects of CAB is you can be as involved as you choose. Some students participate in a few events each term, others like to attend weekly meetings as active members, and some choose a leadership role and become an officer. You decide! 

    If you are interested in being involved with CAB or trying to decide, call 410-386-8500.  We hope to hear from you soon! 

  • Mission

    Campus Activities Board's mission is to foster a fun, welcoming environment that inspires unity by planning activities that are inclusive of all students, making them feel a part of a community.


    • Ambition
    • Belonging
    • Commitment
    • Community
    • Creativity
    • Diversity
    • Enthusiasm
    • Fun
    • Helping society
    • Structure


    • It is a great resume builder.
      Campus involvement looks great on your application when transferring to another college or university - especially when applying for a scholarship. Co-curricular activities, activities that complement your academic learning, are a big part of this process. It also looks great when applying for a job. 
    • It helps you build connections.
      You have opportunities to work with a variety of students, from CAB and other clubs, and meet faculty, staff and executive team members. This network will be helpful to you in the future, both on campus and after you leave Carroll.
    • It gives you some power!
      CAB decides how to spend some of the student activity fees you see on your student bill. As a member of CAB, you can share your opinion on how the money is spent; be responsible for booking bands and comedians, planning trips to NYC and white-water rafting; and participating with large-scale campus events like the annual crab feast and campus BBQ's. Your experiences from CAB will help you become a better leader.
    • It is fun!
      CAB is a really fun group - ask anyone. Not only are you organizing and attending fun events, but there are also special opportunities for you to work with activities on your own.