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WebAdvisor - Employees FAQ

WebAdvisor - Employees FAQ

Welcome to Carroll's WebAdvisor for college employees. The following frequently asked questions will assist you in gaining an understanding of WebAdvisor and what it offers to you. Click on a question below to go to the response.

What is WebAdvisor?

WebAdvisor is a direct web interface with the College's administrative information system. It allows students to register online and provides access, for students and faculty, to additional information.

Who has access to WebAdvisor?

All students who have taken at least one (1) credit or continuing education course at Carroll Community College have access to WebAdvisor, and may access their personal records. All Credit Faculty have access to WebAdvisor, and may access their individual course related records.


How do I access WebAdvisor?

Access to WebAdvisor is strictly controlled to protect your privacy and the security of the information on Carroll's administrative database. Each time you access WebAdvisor you will need your User Name and your Password. 


What is my User Name?

Your User Name is your first name, last name, and last four (4) digits of your College ID number - ALL in lower case with no spaces, and with no punctuation (i.e., no commas, no hyphens, no apostrophes.)

Your College ID number is located to the right of your name on your College ID card.


What is my Password?

Your PASSWORD is the last six (6) digits of your Social Security Number. For additional security, faculty are instructed to change their passwords upon entering WebAdvisor for the first time.


When can I access WebAdvisor?

The only time WebAdvisor is not available is from midnight to 6:00 a.m. daily due to scheduled system maintenance. On occasion, the system may be down for maintenance and/or upgrades. Information regarding system downtime will be posted on the College web site.


What software do I need to access WebAdvisor?

WebAdvisor will operate effectively with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Netscape browsers on Windows, Macintosh, and most other operating systems. For best results, your browser should be version 5.x or newer.

Please note that older Netscape and AOL browsers have known bugs which will sometimes interfere with the proper function of WebAdvisor. If you experience difficulties when using older Netscape browsers or while using AOL please try using one of the other browsers listed above.

For security reasons, WebAdvisor requires JavaScript to be enabled, and requires that your web browser accept cookies. It will not function properly if cookies or JavaScript are disabled in your browser options. Certain ad-blocking and pop-up-blocking programs or toolbars may also interfere with WebAdvisor functions.


Can I accessWebAdvisor from home or elsewhere?

You can access WebAdvisor from any location with Internet access.


How current is the information on WebAdvisor?

The information on WebAdvisor is the most current data available, since WebAdvisor is interacting directly with the College's administrative information system. Data is available immediately as it is entered or updated.


Can anyone else view my information on WebAdvisor?

Without your User Name and Password, no one can view your information. You should protect your information by selecting the "Log Out" option when you are finished using WebAdvisor.


Who do I contact if I have problems accessing WebAdvisor?

View a list of College contacts