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Understanding Your Placement Test Results (Accuplacer)

Understanding Your Placement Test Results (Accuplacer)

You should have received your course placements via email. You can also view your scores under Test Summary in WebAdvisor. This will allow you to see how close you may be to placing into the next level course, if you are considering re-testing. You may re-test up to one time in each subject area to try to improve your placement, before you have started that class. Once you have started a course sequence you are no longer eligible for re-testing.

We have prepared a document that gives all developmental and college level course descriptions for English, Reading, and Math as well as cut off scores, so you can see how far away you would be from the next level course if you choose to re-test. Re-testing is optional! Once you have re-tested the higher of the two scores will be used for your course placement.

Download the Accuplacer Detailed Test Scores Explanation for Students (PDF)