Inclement Weather


    Weather related closing information can be found on the Carroll Community College website at, Blackboard, or by calling our inclement weather line, 410-386-8457. 

    You may register with e2Campus, the College’s Emergency Notification System, at in order to receive weather-related announcements through social media or by email or text message on your mobile devices. This service will also post the message on the College’s website and Blackboard. Be sure to visit the College’s website or your email for the complete announcement due to the limited size of text messaging capability. If no announcement is made, you may assume that the regular schedule is in effect. 

    The following radio and TV stations in and around the Carroll County/southern Pennsylvania area will carry the announcements for Carroll Community College:

    Radio stations:

    WBAL-1090AM, WIYY-98FM, WSOX-96.1FM, WTTR-1470AM

    Television stations:

    WMAR-2, WBAL-11, WJZ-13, WPMT-FOX 43 (Pennsylvania)

    Announcements will be made, including weekends, beginning at approximately 6:30 a.m. through 9:00 a.m. for day classes/events and at approximately 4:00 p.m. or earlier for evening classes/events. When the College is closed, all activities will also be canceled unless an announcement is made to the contrary. 

    When the Carroll County Public School System closes for the day or during the day, credit and non-credit College classes being held in the public school facilities will be canceled. You may call 410-386-8457 and press 1 for information about non-credit courses.

    Credit late opening/closings: If the College opens late, all credit class sessions starting prior to the scheduled opening time will be canceled. Credit Lab sections that begin after the opening time will be held even though the lecture component of that class may have been cancelled.

    If a credit class session is cancelled or the college campus is closed for any reason, it is each student’s responsibility to visit his or her course Blackboard site/s for announcements and/or assignments related to the canceled class sessions. If the student is unable to access the internet, he or she is to contact his or her instructor/s at the phone number on the course syllabus. It is strongly suggested that the student do this as soon as word is provided that a class session will be canceled or the college campus closed so that any alternative or makeup assignments may be completed prior to the next scheduled class meeting(s). Please note that a student’s failure to access Blackboard or otherwise contact his or her instructors may result in an unexcused absence and lost credit for any work missed. 

    Continuing Education non-credit late openings/closings: Classes starting at the late opening time or later will meet as scheduled. Unless notified otherwise, full-day seminars and classes scheduled to run from morning into the afternoon WILL begin at the late opening time and continue until their regularly scheduled end time. All other continuing education classes are cancelled. Come to the next session as scheduled. If this is the last session, you will be contacted by college staff about a make-up class. When the College closes due to inclement weather, classes are canceled in all locations, including the Multi-Service Center and the public schools. You may call 410-386-8457 and press 1 for information about non-credit courses.