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Campus Alert

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Carroll Community College. The College’s Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of all equipment, services, and materials and supplies used by the College.

Chuck Bednar, CPPB
Senior Manager of Procurement
Tel: 410-386-8047

Carroll Community College is an equal opportunity institution.  Minority, small, and women-owned businesses are encouraged to participate in the procurement process.

Carroll Community College is exempt from Federal and Maryland taxes. Exemption Certificates are available upon request.

Invoices should be sent directly to Accounts Payable at and should reference the corresponding PO number.

There are two methods to procure products or services for Carroll—procurement card or purchase order.

Procurement Card: appropriate for small dollar purchases and travel within pre-established limits.

Purchase Order: After receiving approval, POs will be issued via email through UniMarket, our eProcurement system.  This is the preferred method.  An official PO should be used for reference  for purchases whenever possible.

Individual departments or employees are not authorized to enter into purchase contracts or in any way obligate the College for procurement indebtedness without a P-Card or official purchase order.

Vendors should not accept any telephone or email orders or complete any service for the College without a P-Card or an official purchase order in place.

Additionally, all contracts must only be reviewed and signed by authorized contracting officials.

Standard terms and conditions which are part of any solicitation or procurement.

View Standard Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Carroll conducts an open, competitive purchasing process.

Depending on the dollar value of the order, this process may take the form of a written quote or a formal solicitation.

Large purchases are made through a formal solicitation process with a set of specifications or scope of work and an evaluation committee.

This process ensures that contracts are awarded to the most responsive and responsible bidder who complies with the specifications, terms and conditions and who also has the capacity to deliver the service or product at the best value.

When responding to a solicitation, the vendor is responsible for completing all forms and submitting them to the purchasing department, in accordance with the time frame given in the solicitation. Late or improperly delivered responses will not be considered.


$2,500—$49,999: Three written quotes are required

$50,000+: The formal solicitation process is required unless…

  1. Using an existing competitively solicited contract available through other state, local or consortium agreements
  2. Sole source purchase

Purchases over $25,000 must have Board of Trustees approval prior to award.

Unless otherwise noted on the purchase order, all deliveries must be made directly to central receiving dock.

Hours for deliveries are Monday – Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm.

Carroll will not accept liability for goods ordered and/or delivered to the College without an approved purchase order.