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Students taking credit courses follow the catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment.

Current 2024-2025 Catalog

If you are returning to Carroll after a two year absence, you are required to update your program of study and follow the catalog in effect at the time you return. You are also required to obtain an advisor’s signature in order to register for courses for the first term of re-enrollment. The programs in the current Catalog apply to new and incoming students. Current students who change their major or degree program, are required to see an Academic Advisor (A102). When a major or degree program change is made, students are required to follow the current catalog in effect, at that time. Students who began attending and have continued to attend without a two-year absence may follow their original catalog:

If you began attending Carroll prior to 2005, see an Academic Advisor in A102, or call 410-386-8435 for assistance.