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History, Culture & World View Programs

Why Study History, Culture & World View at Carroll Community College?

At Carroll, you can (re)discover the past and investigate exotic cultures through our immersive lectures and courses on U.S. history, war history, music history, foreign policy and much more. Learn more about ourselves and the world we live in! 

Degrees & Credit Certificates!

Carroll history: The College first earned its accreditation as a 2-year, degree-granting institution in 1993. 

Gain a solid grounding in the complex issues and ideas that have changed the world, learn how those ideas have shaped our lives today, and make a career of using these insights to help & inform others. You can also customize your own degree program.

Degree & Credit Certificate Programs

Arts and Sciences, Psychology Concentration, A.A.

Sociology/Anthropology Concentration, A.A.

Personal Enrichment

Explore Carroll’s fun and fascinating personal enrichment classes in our History, Culture & World View programs. Discover fresh perspectives and broaden your knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. 

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History and World View

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