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GED® Testing

  • GED® Testing Service

    One way to earn your diploma is by passing the GED® tests, which consist of four content areas:

    • Reasoning Through Language Arts 
    • Science 
    • Social Studies
    • Mathematical Reasoning

    The computerized GED® test is at Carroll's Testing Center (A132).

    You must register to take the test at

    A Maryland State High School Diploma is awarded upon passing the GED® tests.

    GED® Preparation Classes

    GED® Preparation classes are small and offer a review of these academic skills, opportunities to learn and use computers, learn about goal-setting, job opportunities and develop a plan for success beyond graduation with employment counselors and college admissions staff. 

    There is no tuition for GED® Preparation classes. The purchase of books is recommended by not required. Financial aid is available for qualifying students. Adult Basic Education and Pre-GED® classes are free. Learn more and assess your skills at an orientation session

    Register for classes by calling 410-386-8630 or 1-888-221-9748 or sending an email

    Plan Your Career

    Career Navigator is available to current students and graduates of any Adult Education program.



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