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Release Date: 9/19/2007

Carroll Community College Achieves Highest Fall Enrollment

A total of 3,441 students were enrolled in credit classes as of the official fall, 2007 census date of Sept. 18, 2007 at Carroll Community College.

"This is the highest fall credit enrollment in the college's 15-year-history," said College President Dr. Faye Pappalardo. "Enrollment of full-time students was up 12.4 percent, while part-timers increased 2.6 percent. This is wonderful news. We are happy to serve a growing student population that is taking advantage of the quality educational opportunities Carroll has to offer. This is the eighth consecutive year of growth in fall headcount at the college."

This is also the first time the college's semester full-time-equivalent (FTE) was greater than 1,000. Full-time-equivalent (FTE) enrollment, used by the state for determining part of the college's funding, increased 8.9 percent. FTEs are based on the total student hours generated by student course enrollments. While headcount indicates the number of different individuals taking classes in a given time period, FTEs provide a better picture of total enrollment activity.

"Our continuing enrollment growth reflects the positive reputation the college has in the community," said Dr. Craig Clagett, vice president for Planning, Marketing, and Assessment at Carroll. "Many of our new students know people who have attended and who have said great things about Carroll."

The college's Institutional Research Office surveyed students attending New Student Orientation held in August. The survey inquired about the students' college choice, influences, and plans. A total of 276 students participated.

Three-fourths of the survey respondents indicated that they had not applied to any other colleges or universities for admission in fall 2007. This was similar to findings from prior years-most students apply to Carroll and no where else. This was especially true for part-time students, 96 percent of whom had applied only to Carroll for admission this fall. Two-thirds of the new full-time students in fall 2007 had applied only to Carroll. Institutions drawing interest from those who applied elsewhere included Towson, McDaniel, and Salisbury.

Carroll Community College is located at 1601 Washington Rd. in Westminster, Md.


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