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What is the difference between a RN and a LPN?

The difference is in the scope of practice, which is dictated in Maryland by the Maryland Board of Nursing (MBN) and the Maryland Nurse Practice Act. Registered Nurses (RN) require specialized knowledge, judgment and skills to practice nursing. The goal of all nursing care is to maintain health and prevent illness. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) work in a team relationship with the registered nurse or physician in providing basic bedside care. 


How much does the program cost?

Tuition and fees are the same as the college tuition and fees; in addition, there the following approximate costs:

  • Books  -
    • First year (approximate) - $1,000
    • Second year (approximate) - $600
  • Uniforms - $100
  • Skills pack - $120
  • Miscellaneous Items (penlight, stethoscope, scissors) - $100 
  • Immunizations – variable
  • CPR certification (approximate) - $40
  • Nursing School Pin - $85-150
  • Board fees - $300
  • Criminal Background check and urine drug screening - $100


Where are the clinical sites?

Most clinical sites are in Carroll County, Frederick County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City.


Can I finish the nursing program in two years?

The clinical portion of the nursing program is two years; it may take you longer based on the pre-requisite courses.


I am an LPN, how long is the program to finish my RN?

Once all the pre-clinical requirements are completed, it will take 3 semesters to complete the RN requirements. Review the Registered Nurse Track for Licensed Practical Nurses
for more details.


How many candidates apply for each class, and how many are accepted each class?

Fall classes admit 64 students; spring classes admit 64. There are approximately 130 applications for each admission cycle.


What is the application deadline?

The deadline for Fall admission is Wednesday, Feb. 15. RN applicants or LPNs applying to the LPN to RN transition program must apply for the Fall Term.


How and when are the application packets available?

The application and instructions are available online. Forms for Fall admission are available from Dec. 15 - Feb. 15. It is your responsibility to print and keep the directions.  


Can I apply while completing my pre-requisite courses?

Yes, but you will be accepted pending satisfactory completion of the pre-requisites.


I have finished all of Carroll's pre-requisites courses; do I need to submit a Carroll transcript with my application?



What should I submit to show that I am enrolled at a different college?

Submit a copy of the registration form.


What recommendation method is required?

A letter of recommendation or a completed recommendation form, which we provided to you, is acceptable. Recommendations should be completed by someone who knows you outside of your family (e.g. church, professors or employers). Recommendations do not have to be in a sealed envelope. Keep a copy of your recommendation. Submitted recommendations are not returned.


Is the TEAS test required?

No, the TEAS test is not a requirement for admission.


What is the average grade point average (GPA) for admitted students?

The minimum admission GPA required is 2.50.


What should I do if I have a degree, but have never taken ENGL-101?

Contact the Advising Office.


Are out-of-county students accepted?

Carroll County citizens get preference over citizens of other counties or states.


If I have not finished my science courses, what are my chances of being accepted?

Each candidate pool is different and points are awarded for science courses. Completing science courses may influence your admission.


I am either a GNA/CNA/ or EMT, does this help my admission status?

Any introduction to the health care field is valuable, but there is no advanced standing awarded.


Does being in the Hill's Scholars program help with admission?

Although the courses do not provide extra points towards admission, the rigor of the course work will benefit you in the nursing program.


I am still in high school, should I participate in the Career and Technology Center's allied health program?

The Career and Technology Center provides an excellent introduction to the health care field and is recommended.


Do I need to repeat course for which I have received a "D"?

A minimum of a C grade is required for the following courses: ENGL-101, PSYC-101, SOC-101, BIOL-101, BIOL-210, BIOL-211, BIOL-215, PSYC-210 and MATH-115.


Do I really have to take statistics?

MATH-115, Introduction to Statistical Methods, is a required pre-requisite course.


What courses transfer to Carroll?

Courses from an accredited college or university will transfer.


If I am accepted to the waiting list, do I automatically have a seat in the next class?

No, you must apply for each admission cycle.


If I am accepted to the waiting list, how do you notify me if a seat becomes open?

If you have been accepted to the waiting list, we will call you the day a seat becomes open.


If I do not get accepted or I am placed on the waiting list, does this hurt me the next time I apply?

No, there is no penalty for applying to the program and not being accepted.


What is the workload like?

The workload is very busy. Courses meet one to two days a week and clinicals meet two days a week. In addition to courses and clinicals, there are additional responsibilities such as viewing videos and completing computer assisted instructions. 


Can I work during the nursing program?

We recommend working less than 20 hours per week.


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