PTA Program - Program Requirements

Given the intensity of the program, most Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) students choose to complete all non-PTA coursework prior to beginning the program. In addition, most students choose to work part-time, but if possible we recommend refraining from working while in the program.

The following PTA program course requirements must be passed with a grade C or better.

Non-PTA Coursework Program Prerequisites

These courses must be completed prior to the fall term for which you are applying

English Composition 3 credits
Mathematics General Education Credit Math
(MATH-111, MATH-115, MATH-128 or MATH-130 required)
3 - 5 credits
Biology 210 Anatomy and Physiology 1 4 credits
Biology 101 Fundamentals of Biology 1 4 credits
Biology 211 Anatomy and Physiology 2
4 credits


Other Required Courses for Graduation

PSYC-101 General Psychology 3 credits
Arts and Humanities or English Literature General Education 3 credits

All non-PTA coursework should be completed prior to or concurrent with PTA 243.

Suggested PTA program sequence


PTA-101 The Role of the Physical Therapist Assistant 3 credits
PTA-111 Clinical Science 1 6 credits
PTA-121 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology 3 credits
PSYCH 101 General Psychology 3 credits



PTA-113 Modalities 3 credits
PTA-099 Neuromuscular Anatomy and Palpation (optional) 3 credits



PTA-212 Clinical Science 2 6 credits
PTA-221 Pain and Pathology 3 credits
PTA-231 Overview of Special Populations 3 credits

Arts and Humanities or English Literature

3 credits


Summer 1

PTA-241 Clinical Arts 1 4 credits


Summer 2

PTA-213 Treatment of Special Populations 6 credits


Fall 2

PTA-242 Clinical Arts 2 4 credits
PTA-243 Clinical Arts 3 4 credits


Diversity/ World View requirement met (PTA-101, PTA-111, PTA-212 and PTA-213).

Mid-Maryland Allied Healthcare Education Consortium: Degree awarded by Carroll Community College

You should meet with a college advisor regarding previously completed college courses. Review the college catalog for complete graduation requirements.

After completion of the PTA degree, should you choose to pursue another degree, your general education coursework (English, Math, Science etc.) will transfer according to each college’s policy. PTA designated coursework only transfers to those college’s that accept clinical coursework.



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