Course Abstract Details

OFFC-201, Advanced Keyboarding

Credits: 3

Course Description

OFFC-201, Advanced Keyboarding, is an online self-directed course, using web-based software instruction for microcomputers. The course teaches students how to prepare complex business documents using an in-basket environment to teach students how to make practical decisions about managing workflow. Prerequisite: exemption/completion of READ-091 and OFFC-102. Self-paced. Three credits. Three billable hours.

Course Objectives and Grading Information

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

1. Produce and format various types of correspondence, including multi-page letters with special letter features, memos, memo reports, e-mails, and employment documents. (General Education Goal #4, Program Goal #2, #3) 

2. Produce itineraries, agendas, minutes for meetings, procedure manuals, and multi-column reports. (General Education Goal #4, Program Goal #2, #3) 

3. Use advanced features to format tables, including footnotes, braced column headings, landscape orientation, and Auto-Formatting. (General Education Goal #4, Program Goal #2, #3) 

4. Demonstrate international formatting by creating documents for companies with offices in Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, and Japan. Students will learn how to use special sized stationery and how to insert symbols used in foreign languages. (General Education Goal #4, Program Goal #2, #3) 

5. Use and design office forms using templates provided in Microsoft Word. Students will create letters, memos, letterheads, notepads, and forms. (General Education Goal #4, Program Goal #2, #3) 

6. Design cover pages, flyers and announcements, and newsletters. (General Education Goal #4, #5, Program Goal #2, #3) 

7. Use text boxes, word art, pictures, and newspaper columns. (General Education Goal #4, Program Goal #2, #3) 

8. Learn to create, save, and review web pages, insert frames and hyperlinks, and apply themes. (General Education Goal #4, #5, Program Goal #3) 

9. Concentrate on skill building and producing documents for the following types of businesses: insurance, hospitality, retail, government, and manufacturing. (General Education Goal #4, Program Goal #1, #2, #3) 

Learning Goals

The abbreviations in parentheses represent Learning Goals which have been identified for this course and program of study:

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