Academic Program - Theatre

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arts and Sciences - Theatre program is to provide knowledge and skills in drama, expressive communication, performance, technical theatre, and production. The theatre program offers a liberal arts university-parallel curriculum, so that students of this program are well positioned to transfer to 4-year colleges and universities. This program carefully nurtures developing performing artists by providing the training, knowledge, experience, and artistic vision necessary to succeed in professional theatre, by helping student artists develop their artistic potential. Students pursuing theatre design and technology gain necessary knowledge and experience, while developing their personal artistic vision through in-depth training.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: The student will demonstrate understanding of the structure of creative expression in theatre arts.
  • Goal 2: The student will discriminate between historical periods/genres of theatre.
  • Goal 3: The student will develop the skills necessary to create performance-based or design-based theatre art.
  • Goal 4: The students will demonstrate an understanding of the effective application of theatrical concepts, by performing evaluations of performances and designs.
  • Goal 5: The students will demonstrate the development of a personal, research-based theatre art.

Department Chair



Program Contact

Scott Gore

Divistion Chair, Fine & Performing Arts

DepartmentFine & Performing Arts 
Phone410 386-8467 

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