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Associate of Applied Science

Faculty Advisor: Shanelle Hopkins · Phone: 410-386-8247 · Email:

The Accounting program of study prepares students for paraprofessional positions in accounting offices of business and governmental agencies. In this program, emphasis is placed on accounting principles as they are applied in business settings with extensive use of technology. In addition to acquiring a basic knowledge of accounting, graduates of this program should be able to perform bookkeeping and entry-level accounting work through the general ledger and prepare financial statements and managerial reports. Accounting majors with a 3.200 GPA may be eligible for membership in Alpha Beta Gamma. For more information, see page 36 of the 2015 - 2016 College Catalog.

Program Requirements:
 ACCT-101  Financial Accounting  3 credits
 ACCT-102  Managerial Accounting  3 credits
 ACCT-201  Intermediate Accounting 1  4 credits
 ACCT-202  Intermediate Accounting 2  4 credits
 BUAD-205  Business Law  3 credits
 CIS-101  Introduction to Computer Information Systems  3 credits
 ECON-101  Principles of Micro Economics  3 credits
 MGMT-201  Principles of Management  3 credits
   Refer to ARTSYS and the receiving institution's
 catalog to select a transferable course.
 3 credits
General Education Requirements  
 SPCH-101  Arts and Humanities  3 credits
   Arts and Humanities  3 credits
   Biological and Physical Sciences  7 - 8 credits
   Emerging Issues  3 credits
   English Composition and Literature  6 credits
   Mathematics  3 - 5 credits
   Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
 ECON-102  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
   Total Credits    60

 Diversity/ World View requirement met (ENGL-102, MGMT-201).

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