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Emergency Medical Services - EMS - Paramedic A.A.S.

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Associate of Applied Science

Advisor: Stacey Bowen · Phone: 410-386-8020 · Email:

This program prepares students to sit for the National Registry for EMT—Paramedic (NREMT-P) licensure exam, which is currently required for practice in most states, including Maryland. This is a selective admission program intended to serve firefighters (paid force or volunteer) in the State who meet minimum requirements and maintain an affiliation with a fire station. The format will allow students statewide to complete non-clinical work at institutions close to home, clinical didactic courses as a hybrid online/on-site lab combination and clinical affiliation with local emergency services. This is a selective program with the following requirements for acceptance and continued enrollment in the program (see the Selective Admissions information at the beginning of the College Catalog for complete information): Current EMT-B certification, current affiliation with a fire station, and completion of any required transitional work (ENG A-F/ELL-095, MAT-099, READ A-F)

* EMS-101, EMS Systems and Rescue Operations, is open to any student who has met the academic and certification requirements for acceptance to the program and has access to turn-out gear. All 100-level courses must be completed prior to any 200-level courses. Other prerequisites may be required. See course descriptions for information. Students must maintain an overall 2.000 GPA and earn a minimum grade of C in all science and clinical courses.


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Pre-clinical Requirements to be completed at Carroll
 SPCH-101  Arts and Humanities  3 credits
   English Composition  3 credits
   Mathematics (MATH-115, Introduction to
 Statistical Methods
, recommended)
 3 - 5 credits
 PSYC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
Option 1 for Science Completion
Recommended for students with advanced clinical goals.
 BIOL-101  Fundamentals of Biology (If waived for prior learning,
 an additional General Education course
 must be completed.)
 4 credits
 BIOL-210  Human Anatomy and Physiology 1  4 credits
 BIOL-211  Human Anatomy and Physiology 2  4 credits
Option 2 for Science Completion 
 BIOL-105  Human Biology  4 credits
 CHEM-101  Introduction to Chemistry  4 credits
Clinical Requirements
 *EMS-101  EMS Systems and Rescue Operations  3 credits
 EMS-111  Patient Assessment and Shock Trauma  4 credits
 EMS-112  Pharmacology and EMS Management  4 credits
 EMS-113  EMS Simulation and Lab Experiences 1  2 credits
 EMS-114  Patient Assessment 2  2 credits
 EMS-115  Medical Emergencies  4 credits
 EMS-116  EMS Simulation and Lab Experiences 2  2 credits
 EMS-221   Pharmacology 2   2 credits
 EMS-231  EMS Management 2  2 credits
 EMS-240   Cardiology  3 credits
 EMS-260  Special Populations  3 credits
 EMS-270  ALS Clinical Experience 1  4 credits
 EMS-271  ALS Clinical Experience 2  4 credits
 EMS-272  Capstone Clinical  4 credits
   Total Credits   63 - 67

Diversity/ World View requirement met (EMS-260).


The Carroll Community College Paramedic program has been issued a Letter of Review by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP). This letter is not a CAAHEP accreditation status, it is a status signifying that a program seeking initial accreditation has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the accreditation Standards through the Letter of Review Self Study Report (LSSR) and other documentation. Letter of Review is recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) for eligibility to take the NREMT's Paramedic credentialing examination(s). However, it is not a guarantee of eventual accreditation.

To contact CoAEMSP:
8301 Lakeview Parkway Suite 111-312
Rowlett, TX 75088
Fax: 214-703-8992


Learn more about CAAHEP accreditation.



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