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Radiography AAS (Degree awarded by Hagerstown Community College)

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Associate of Applied Sciences

Carroll Advisor: Toyette Sullivan • Phone: 410-386-8435 • E-mail:
Hagerstown Contact: Phone: 301-766-4422 • E-mail:

This Radiography Program is a cooperative effort between Carroll, Hagerstown Community College, and Carroll Hospital Center. Students complete most academic requirements at Carroll. While students travel to Hagerstown to take the clinical courses, every attempt will be made to place students in Carroll County facilities for practicum courses.

Radiography is a health care career that specializes in the use of x-rays to image the body for medical diagnosis and offers excellent employment versatility and mobility. Hagerstown Community College’s Radiography Program is a 24-month, selective admission program designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice as radiographers. The program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT). Students enrolled in the program receive their clinical education in a variety of health care facilities. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification examination and pursue advanced education in medical imaging.

Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 are required for admission to the Radiography Program. It is suggested that students complete as many of the General Education courses as possible before admission to the program.

Prerequisite Courses
 BIOL-101  Fundamentals of Biology 1  4 credits
 ENG-097  Writing Effective Paragraphs and Essays  0 credits
 MAT-099  Intermediate Algebra  0 credits
 READ-099  Reading in the Content Areas  0 credits
Pre-clinical Requirements to be completed at Carroll
 BIOL-210  Human Anatomy and Physiology 1  4 credits
 BIOL-211  Human Anatomy and Physiology 2  4 credits
 CIS-101  Introduction to Computer Technologies  3 credits
   English Composition  3 credits
   Mathematics (MATH-128 College Algebra
 3 - 5 credits
 PSYC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
   Arts and Humanities  3 credits
Clinical Requirements to be completed at Hagerstown Community College
 RAD-101  Radiography I  3 credits
 RAD-103  Radiographic Positioning I  3 credits
 RAD-102  Radiography II  3 credits
 RAD-104  Radiographic Positioning II  4 credits
 RAD-106  Clinical Technique I  3 credits
 RAD-110  Venipuncture for Radiographers  1 credit
 PHY-106  Radiological Physics Theory  3 credits
 RAD-105  Radiographic Positioning III  3 credits
 RAD-108  Clinical Technique II  3 credits
 RAD-200  Clinical Practicum II  3 credits
 RAD-212  Cross-Sectional Anatomy  3 credits
 RAD-201  Medical Imaging I  3 credits
 RAD-205  Clinical Technique III  3 credits
 RAD-218  Principles of CT Imaging  4 credits
 RAD-202  Medical Imagining II  3 credits
 RAD-211  Clinical Technique IV  3 credits
 BIO-202  Radiation Biology  3 credits

Degree awarded by Hagerstown Community College. Refer to the most recent Hagerstown Community College catalog  for more information.

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