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Technical and Professional Studies

Program Information:

Associate of Applied Sciences

Faculty Advisor: Robert Brown· Phone: 410-386-8224 · Email:

This program of study is designed to combine General Education, appropriate elective, and specialized courses to meet employment requirements. Students are expected to complete a core of General Education requirements. In addition, students must complete an MHEC approved certificate program of at least 30 credits (and submit an official transcript to the Records Office). Electives should be chosen to fill the gap between the number of credits of the certificate and the total of credits from General Education courses to meet the 60-credit graduation requirement.

The Radiography certificate from Johns Hopkins Hospital works well with this degree. To apply to this program, complete the following courses then apply to Hopkins: BIOL-101, BIOL-210, BIOL-211, ENGL-101, MATH-123, PSYC-101, SPCH-101, plus 5 elective credits. When nearing completion of the Hopkins program, contact Carroll’s Advising and Transfer Center about reverse transfer to graduate under this degree. These courses with the 35-credit Radiography certificate will meet the requirements for the Carroll Technical and Professional Studies A.A.S. degree.

Program Requirements
 MHEC Approved Certificate Program   30+ credits
 Electives  0 - 10 credits
General Education Requirements
 Arts and Humanities  6 credit
 Biological and Physical Sciences  7 - 8 credits
 English Composition and Literature  3 credits
 Mathematics  3 - 5 credits
 Social and Behavioral Science  3 credits
  Arts and Humanities, Biological and Physical Sciences,
 Mathematics or Social and Behavioral Science
 2 - 4 credits
 Total Credits    61

Diversity/ World View requirement is not met by program requirements. Be sure to select an appropriate course from General Education choices to meet this requirement.

The Carroll diploma will specify the degree conferred (i.e. Associate of Applied Science).

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