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Arts & Sciences - English Literature

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Associate of Arts

Advisor: Siobhan Wright • Phone: 410-386-8207 • Email:

Graduates of the Arts and Sciences program at Carroll Community College are well positioned to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in Maryland as well as other states. The courses in the program are transfer oriented and form the basis of a solid foundation in the liberal arts. By using the online ARTSYS program, students can plan a course of study that will transfer seamlessly to a baccalaureate degree-granting institution.


Recommended Literature Electives (any 29 elective credits needed to graduate):
 ENGL-201  Classic World Writers  3 credits
 ENGL-202  Modern World Writers  3 credits
 ENGL-205  Southern Writers  3 credits
 ENGL-211  Voices in American Literature  3 credits
 ENGL-240  British Literature Since 1798  3 credits
 ENGL-245  Modern English Grammar (Fall Term only)  3 credits
   Refer to ARTSYS and the receiving institution’s
 catalog to select transferable courses (especially
 foreign language and English grammar course


 General Education Requirements
 Arts and Humanities 
 (Fine and Performing Arts area or SPCH-101, recommended)
 3 credits
 Arts and Humanities
 (HIST-102, PHIL-101 or PHIL-105, recommended)
 3 credits
 Biological and Physical Sciences  7 - 8 credits
 Emerging Issues  3 credits
 English Composition and Literature  6 credits
 Mathematics (MATH-121 or MATH-123)  3 - 5 credits
 Social and Behavioral Sciences  6 credits
 Total Credits   60

 Diversity/World View requirement met (ENGL-102).

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