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CGR - Graphic Design Career Program

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Associate of Applied Science

Faculty Advisor: Scott Gore · Phone: 410-386-8467 · Email:

The Computer Graphics program focuses on the development of information design skills used in the fields of print design, multimedia design and web design. Students learn to analyze client needs and create effective design solutions. The first “phase” of courses provides students with the fundamental principles and practices required by all the design professions. Emphasis is focused on developing concepts and carrying them through to finished professional designs. The course work allows students to enhance both their creativity and design sense through a variety of real world projects. Since employers today put emphasis on communication literacy, all CGR courses build upon and support the major General Education Core Competency requirements of the college.

A graphic designer uses creativity, images, typography, layouts and color to meet their client’s design and marketing objectives by combining creativity and computer competencies with the understanding of technical specifications, while working within budget limitations. The Graphic Design track prepares students for a variety of entry-level positions within an ever-expanding industry. Graduates can work in design studios, printing companies, advertising agencies and in-house corporate art departments. While many courses will transfer, certain specialized courses may not.


Program Requirements
 ART-105  2-D Design  3 credits
 ART-110  3-D Design  3 credits
 ART-115  Color  3 credits
 CGR-105  Introduction to Computer Graphics  3 credits
 CGR-110  Typography  3 credits
 CGR-115  Graphic Design 1  3 credits
 CGR-120  Digital Photography  3 credits
 CGR-157  Introduction to Web Page Design  3 credits
 CGR-250  Publication Design on Computers
 (Spring Term only)
 3 credits
 CGR-252  Computer Illustration (Fall Term only)  3 credits
 CGR-270  Portfolio and Career Development  3 credits
 Elective  Any CAD or CGR course  3 credits
 Elective  Any elective course (internship recommended)  2 credits


General Education Requirements
   Arts and Humanities  3 credits
 ART-125  Arts and Humanities  3 credits
   Biological and Physical Sciences  4 credits
   Emerging Issues  3 credits
   English Composition and Literature  3 credits
   Mathematics  3 - 5 credits
   Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
   Total Credits   60

Diversity/ World View requirement met (ART-125).

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