Carroll County Community Mediation Center

Carroll County Community Mediation Center (CCCMC) offers conflict resolution training and free mediation services to county residents at times and locations convenient to participants.

Mediation is offered between two or more people involved in a dispute or in the process of making difficult decisions. It is a voluntary and confidential process, in which neutral mediators help participants find win-win solutions to their conflict.

Mediation lets people speak for themselves, make their own choices and control the outcome. Participants develop solutions that meet everyone's needs, which can then be put into a written agreement.

Mediation is an alternative to traditional conflict resolution methods such as courts and counseling.

Types of mediation services offered include:

  • business/customer
  • employer/employee or coworkers
  • landlord/tenant
  • roommates
  • family disputes - parent/teen, husband/wife, siblings, in-laws
  • neighbor/neighbor
  • community
  • parenting plans
  • senior adult
  • re-entry

Mediations can occur anytime between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in two hour increments seven days a week at locations throughout Carroll County.

All CCCMC mediators are volunteers from the community. They represent the racial, economic, age and educational diversity of Carroll County. All volunteers complete a 50-hour intensive Mediation Training, an apprenticeship, evaluations and continuing education.




To take advantage of mediation services or learn about volunteer mediator training:
Call: 410-848-1764
Fax: 410-848-5479

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