Skills Assessment

Assessing Your Computer Skills for Online Learning at Carroll Community College

To be successful in an online course at Carroll you will need to have a certain level of computer skills. This is required in order for you to access course content and related course materials. Additionally, proficiency in computer skills is necessary for you to interact with the instructor and other students in the course. 

Please complete the following assessment of your current computer skills. Answer each question using the following scale:

  • Very comfortable
  • Comfortable
  • Somewhat comfortable
  • Somewhat uncomfortable
  • Not comfortable

A computer, just like a pencil (!), is a technology that can assist you in the learning process. Whether you plan to take a fully online course or a web-enhanced classroom-based course at Carroll you will need to have a functional level of computer skills. Without them the computer becomes a barrier to your engaging and learning the content of the course.

Please complete the following assessment of your current computer skills. It will take you about 5-10 minutes. Select your comfort level from the drop down window marked "answer" to the left of each skill (click on the dropdown box to reveal your choices).

Operating Computer Tasks
Turn on your computer.
Identify the make and model of your computer.
Identify the operating system and version number.
Restart you computer if it becomes locked up
Safely turn off your computer
World Wide Web Tasks
Connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) using a modem.
Open a web page
Move forward and back through web pages
Follow a link from one web page to another web page
Create a bookmark or save a favorite web page
Save a Web Site Locator (URL)
Use a search engine to locate information on the Internet
Access Library electronic resources at Carroll Community College
E-mail Tasks
Use e-mail to open and read a message
Use e-mail to create and send a message
Attach files to an e-mail message
Use e-mail to attach and send a web-page
Send the same e-mail message to more than one person at a time  (Use an address list)
Forward e-mail to others
Add an e-mail address to address book
Windows Interface
Explain the terms:  icon, menu, window, click, select, drag, button
Use the mouse to select and deselect text
Use right mouse buttons to select tasks:  copy, paste, and review properties
Use the mouse to open and close a program by clicking on an icon
Use the “Start” button to execute programs
Choose a command from the menu
Move, resize or close windows
Know the difference between close and exit
Use the scroll bars
Switch between open windows
Switch between open applications
Use Windows Explorer to create folders and move files
Working with Word Processing
Open a word processing file
Save, save as, and save file as text file (.txt) or rich text format (.rtf)
Edit a file
Print a file

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