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COMM-120 - Introduction to Film
Introduction to Film surveys the history of film as a visual art, from silent movies to contemporary blockbusters. Students will analyze and interpret films, concentrating on the elements of film, from aesthetic, cultural, technological, and economic perspectives. Prerequisite: eligibility for ENGL-101. Three hours lecture each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. Offered Spring, Summer and Fall terms. GENERAL EDUCATION and DIVERSITY
Academic Level:
Communications, Gen Ed Fine & Performing Arts, General Education Elective, General Ed Arts and Humanities, General Education Diversity
Please see course description for all prerequisites.
Course Objectives: 1. Define the formal elements of film. (GE 1, GE 3, GE 6, PG 1, PG 2) 2. Identify the contributions of influential films and filmmakers. (GE 1, GE 6, PG 1, PG 2, PG 4) 3. Describe film genres, movements, and periods, from early cinemas (e.g. German Expressionism, Soviet Silent, early Hollywood) to contemporary global cinemas (e.g. Third Cinema, New Queer Cinema, French New Wave). (GE 1, GE 3, GE 6, GE 8, PG 1, PG 2, PG 4) 4. Apply an understanding of the elements of film form to a detailed and critical written analysis of a film, which incorporates research. (GE 1, GE 3, GE 4, GE 6, GE 8, PG 2, PG 3, PG 4, PG 5). 5. Describe the different types of narrative film (e.g. Classical Hollywood, alternative) (GE 1, GE 3, GE 6, GE 8, PG 1, PG 3) 6. Explain the connection between individual films and their social, cultural, and historical contexts (GE 1, GE 3, GE 4, GE 6, GE 8, PG 1, PG 2, PG 4).d. (GE 1, GE 2, PG 3)
Introduction to Film
Course: COMM-120 - Introduction to Film