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MUSIC-102 - The History of Rock and Roll
The History of Rock and Roll will survey the history of rock music from its origins to the present day. Students will study all major genres including rap and country music, as well as the social, political, technological and economic forces that shaped the music. Issues of race, gender and class will also be discussed as they relate to the various styles. The class includes detailed listening assignments and an introduction to musical vocabulary and concepts. No prior knowledge of music is required for this class. Prerequisite: eligibility for ENGL-101. Three hours lecture each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. Offered Spring, Summer, and Fall terms. GENERAL EDUCATION
Academic Level:
Music, Gen Ed Fine & Performing Arts, General Education Elective, General Ed Arts and Humanities
Please see course description for all prerequisites.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Develop an understanding of the historical and cultural background of rock and roll music. (GE8) 2. Develop a rudimentary understanding of the technical aspects of rock and roll. (GE1, GE6). 3. Describe differences of music from various artists in rock and roll music. (GE1, GE3) 4. Describe the impact of various rock and roll artists' music on culture and history. (GE1, GE3) 5. Develop a basic vocabulary of terms to describe music, specifically rock and roll. (GE1) 6. Understand the development of rock and roll music through reading, listening, and analyzing music. (GE3, GE5) 7. Analyze music through listening to live performances. (GE1, GE3, GE4, GE5)ry (GE 6, GE 7)
The History of Rock and Roll
Course: MUSIC-102 - The History of Rock and Roll