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  • Preparation for a mathematics, history, philosophy, theatre or world language degree and careers in art, computers, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law, sciences, the humanities and social sciences as well as other fields can all be accomplished with a customized Arts and Science associates degree program at Carroll Community College.

    Because the Arts and Sciences program can be designed for transfer students, it provides a framework to prepare for occupations requiring a broad background. Moreover, the degree provides a foundation allowing students to change their career direction later. The program also forms a solid footing in the liberal arts.

    How do you create a customized degree?

    Using the resources in Carroll’s Advising and Transfer Center, such as ARTSYS, students can plan a course of study that will meet Carroll graduation requirements AND serve as the first two years of your bachelor's degree upon transfer to a 4-year college/university.

    Our dedicated academic advisors can help customize your associate degree to fit the bachelor’s degree you are pursuing. For instance, while there is not a clear-cut Pre-Med degree at Carroll, we can help create an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree providing the courses and experiences that will support transfer to the 4-year Pre-Med institution of your choice. 

    What courses will I take?

    By working with your Carroll advisor to create a term-by-term plan, you will create a degree with 26 elective credits and 34 General Education credits

    You and your advisor will consult ARTSYS and the receiving college catalog to select courses that will transfer toward your bachelor's degree. Most bachelor's degree institutions will accept 60 credits at transfer. Upon graduation from Carroll, your diploma will say Associate of Arts; your transcript will say Associate of Arts, Arts & Sciences.

    View Customized Degree Program Template (Click on Curriculum)

    Is the Arts and Sciences associate degree available online?

    Students may choose to complete this program fully online, on campus or in a hybrid format. Speak with an advisor to learn more and determine if online learning is appropriate.

    How do I get started creating my customized degree?

    Call our Advising, Career and Transfer office at 410-386-8435 to speak with one of our advisors who specializes in your area of interest, or email us at

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