Health and Exercise Science

  • Health & Exercise Science Area of Study

  • Career Information

    Individuals considering Health and Exercise Science are often interested in understanding the human body and applying scientific processes to address movement, athletic performance, health and wellness, chronic disease management and disease prevention. Most careers require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, certifications or licensure and in some cases, a master's or doctoral degree.

    Examples of career options:

    • Athletic Trainer
    • Biomechanist
    • Certified Health Education Specialist
    • Clinical Exercise Physiologist
    • Community Health Specialist
    • Epidemiologist
    • Exercise Specialist
    • Fitness Center Manager
    • Fitness or Personal Trainer
    • Health Coach
    • Health Education Teacher
    • Physical Education Teacher
    • Physical Therapist
    • Public Health Consultant
    • Registered Dietitian
    • Sports Nutritionist
    • Sports Psychologist
    • Wellness Consultant 

    Transfer Information

    Guaranteed transfer with the AA degree (must be competitive for selective admissions options) to public schools in MD

    • Seamless transfer to out of state schools if you work closely with an academic advisor
    • Great merit based scholarship opportunities for high achieving community college students, at public and private schools
    • Transfer for these programs can be complicated, especially for Engineering and Technology fields.  Start planning early, and see an advisor for assistance.
    • Special transfer agreements to various schools please visit Area of Study web pages for specifics

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