Arts & Sciences, Customized Degree Plan AA

Arts & Sciences, Customized Degree Plan AA

Advisor: Advising and Transfer Center Phone: 410-386-8435 Email: Graduates of the Arts and Sciences program at Carroll Community College are well positioned to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in Maryland as well as other states. The program allows students to select transfer oriented courses based on a receiving institutions requirements and form the basis of a solid foundation in the liberal arts. Because the Arts and Sciences program is designed for transfer, it provides framework for preparation for occupations requiring a broad background. Graduates can pursue careers in art, computers, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law, sciences, the humanities and social sciences as well as other fields. Moreover, the degree provides a foundation that allows students to change career direction later. The Arts and Sciences degree requires 34 credits in highly transferable general education courses and 26 credits of electives, which should be selected to satisfy the freshman and sophomore bachelor's degree requirements. Using ARTSYS and the resources in the Advising and Transfer Center, students can customize a degree to meet personal transfer requirements. For maximum credit transferability, students should choose a major and transfer institution before 30 credits are earned. In addition to transferability and flexibility, a Carroll Community College Arts and Sciences degree provides an education that places great emphasis on helping students become independent learners, capable of exploring many subjects. Students may choose to complete this program in a fully online format. Speak with an advisor to determine if online learning is appropriate

General Education Requirements

Transferable Program Courses

  • Build your degree by working with your Carroll advisor to create a term by term plan. Take 26 elective credits and 34 General Education credits, including 2 diversity-designated courses. Every class will be selected to meet transfer goals. Consult ARTSYS, Carroll advisers, and the receiving college catalog to select courses that will transfer toward your bachelor's degree. Most bachelor's degree institutions will accept 60 credits at transfer. Upon graduation, your diploma will say Associate of Arts. Your transcript will say Associate of Arts, Arts & Sciences.:

General Education Diversity Requirement

  • Take 2 Diversity-designated General Education courses (courses used to satisfy other requirements may also satisfy this requirement):