Computer Graphics Certificate

Mission Statement

The mission of the Computer Graphics program is to equip graduates with both the technical and creative skills essential to qualifying for a wide range of graphic design mobs or acceptance into degree-granting institutions. To this end, we provide students with real-world clients, simulated design projects, and other opportunities to learn the latest techniques, design principles, and processes. Graduates will become critical thinkers, effective visual communicators, and will have learned to conceptualize and synthesize information. They will be able to use their talents and abilities in design to construct meaningful dialogue and will have acquired the professional skills necessary to not only compete in, but also thrive in, the design marketplace.

Program Goals

  1. The students will demonstrate the transformation of information into creative, conceptually appropriate design solutions using industry-standard production software and hardware.
  2. The students will demonstrate graphic design theory to include the principles of design, elements of composition, and typography in the creation of aesthetically pleasing artifacts.
  3. The students will prepare a graphic design portfolio of work that clearly demonstrates their effectiveness as visual communicators.
  4. The students will demonstrate the effective articulation of concepts and perform the evaluation of the designs of others in verbal, visual and written form.
  5. The students will demonstrate the development of a personal, research-based design process.

Computer Graphics Certificate

Program Director: Dana Champney Phone: 410-386-8246 Email: This certificate outlines a sequence of courses designed for artists and technicians working in the design field or those who would like to obtain employment as computer graphic designers, computer illustrators and desktop publishers. (See the degree program for details.) Although courses may be taken in any sequence as long as prerequisites are met, certain courses (CGR-110 and CGR-115) are strongly recommended before others as the skills developed in these courses are utilized and applied in the more advanced courses.

Computer Graphics Requirements