Radiography Transfer to Johns Hopkins Hospital

Radiography Transfer to Johns Hopkins Hospital

Advisor: Melanie Dunn Phone: 410-386-8425 Email: JHH Radiography Program Director: Stacey Bickling Phone: 410-223-1853 Email: These courses are suggested for graduation with a degree in Arts & Sciences for transfer to The Johns Hopkins Hospital Radiography program. Students must complete the courses marked with a + to qualify for admission. A minimum of an A.A. degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better in all prerequisite coursework is required. Admission is competitive and not guaranteed. After transfer, the program is an 18-month, full-time, day program. For more information, visit raphy.html + Required by Johns Hopkins Hospital with a minimum grade of C

Radiography Transfer JHHospital

General Education Requirements

General Education Diversity Requirement

  • Take 2 Diversity-designated General Education courses (courses used to satisfy other requirements may also satisfy this requirement):