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Eating Disorder Prevention

Submitted to Mary Wallace for Introduction to Speech Communication (COMM-105)


My project is about eating disorder prevention. In my speech, I urge my audience to stop commenting unnecessarily on what others eat as a means of preventing disordered eating and body image disturbances.

General Education Connections

  • Communicate ideas in written, oral and other modes as appropriate to a situation and audience
  • Employ various thinking strategies to develop well-reasoned judgments
  • Evaluate sources of information for accuracy, relevance and reliability
  • Cultivate intellectual and ethical practices that promote the wellness of self, community and environment

Because I chose to film my speech, I had to edit it in a way that was visually appealing, yet informative. As I already like creating art, I was able to utilize and develop my creativity to make my presentation’s tiny animations in order to keep my audience’s attention. I used editing software.


The challenge that I overcame and am the most proud of was allowing myself to speak openly and honestly about my struggle with Binge Eating Disorder. At the time I was filming this speech, I had only been diagnosed a month earlier, so it was still pretty new to me in terms of recognizing how harmful my behavior was. But in the end, I was able to finish the speech and create something I hope others can benefit from.


This topic connects to my life personally, being someone who struggles with an eating disorder. I hope through this speech that I can help others recognize what they say can have negative effects on the way others see themselves.

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