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The Physics of Skydiving

Submitted to Dr. Sithy Maharoof for Fundamentals of Physics (PHYS-101) 

General Education Connections

  • Communicate ideas in written, oral and other modes as appropriate to a situation and audience
  • Employ various thinking strategies to develop well-reasoned judgments
  • Evaluate sources of information for accuracy, relevance and reliability
  • Use technology tools to manage, integrate and evaluate digital information
  • Explore issues through creative, interdisciplinary and innovative approaches
  • Cultivate intellectual and ethical practices that promote the wellness of self, community and environment

In this assignment, I had to be able to communicate my ideas efficiently and support them with quantitative and qualitative information. While supporting this information, I paid attention to the validity of the sources that the information was coming from to ensure the readers were not misinformed. Furthermore, while conducting this assignment I began to see the different fields that the physics of skydiving impacted.


A challenge that I faced during this assignment was creating my graph and table. I am not too familiar with Excel and had to use YouTube to help me create them. Additionally, I also had to research the proper APA format for them.


I plan to use the same process I used for this paper in other papers. I wrote nearly the entire paper and had done all of my research when I turned in the first draft. So when I received my paper back for revising, I mainly focused on the tables, figures, formatting and the citation.