Course Abstract Details

READ-091, Basic Reading

Credits: 0

Course Description

READ 091, Basic Reading, provides training in fundamental reading techniques, vocabulary knowledge, word analysis, dictionary skills, and reading comprehension. READ-091 is required for those students not meeting minimum reading competency on initial assessment/placement. No credit. Four billable hours. Four hours lecture and lab each week.

Course Objectives and Grading Information

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students will demonstrate mastery of basic reading skills preparatory to college level reading:   

1. Demonstrate reading comprehension and strategic reading skills. (GE2, PG4) 

A. State the general meaning of a word in context. 

B. Identify main ideas  

C. Write implied main ideas for a reading selection 

D. Locate supporting details  

E. Summarize short articles  

F. Create outlines of paragraphs and short articles. 

G. Identify relationships between ideas in a reading passage. 

H. Identify and interpret inferences. 

I. Distinguish between fact and opinion. 

J. Identify and interpret purpose and tone. 

K. Integrate reading comprehension skills. 

L. Apply reading strategies to reading tasks. 

2. Demonstrate mastery of essential words for college students. (PG1) 

3. Demonstrate planning and organizational skills. (GE2, PG2) 

A. Create study plans for quizzes and tests. 

B. Organize and write book reviews. 

C. Self-evaluate success of study strategies and make changes if necessary.

Learning Goals

The abbreviations in parentheses represent Learning Goals which have been identified for this course and program of study:

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