Course Abstract Details

MUSIC-110, Theory of Music 1

Credits: 3

Course Description

MUSIC-110, Theory of Music 1, encompasses a study of diatonic harmony as it pertains to all styles of music. Topics include the principles of voice leading, four-part writing in root position and harmonic progression. It is recommended that students planning to transfer to a music program at a four-year college/university concurrently enroll in MUSIC-112 and MUSIC-114. Prerequisite: MUSIC-105 or program advisor approval. Three hours lecture each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. GENERAL EDUCATION. Offered Spring and Fall terms.

Course Objectives and Grading Information


1. Define Rhythm and Pitch, and understand how it is notated. (GE 1, GE 2, PG 3) 

2. Identify and construct all major and minor key signatures and scales. (GE 1, GE 2, GE 3, PG 3) 

3. Construct and identify all major and minor triads, in all inversions. (GE 1, GE 2, GE 3, PG 3) 

4. Identify and construct intervals of all types. (GE 1, GE 2, GE 3, PG 3) 

5. Identify common voice leading errors. (GE 2, GE 3, PG 3) 

6. Identify and construct seventh chords in all inversions (GE 1, GE 2, GE 3, PG 3) 

7. Analyze simple compositions. (GE 2, GE 3, PG 3) 

8. Compose simple melodic compositions. (GE 1, GE 2, GE 3, GE 5, PG 3) 

9. Compose simple harmonic progressions in root position. (GE 1, GE 2, GE 3, GE 5, PG 3)

Learning Goals

The abbreviations in parentheses represent Learning Goals which have been identified for this course and program of study:

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