Carroll Community College Announces College Mascot

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Trish McCarthy Carroll, Public & Corporate Relations Officer, Carroll Community College, Work: 410-386-8184
Press Release

Westminster, Md., Jan. 5, 2018—Carroll Community College is excited to announce that after careful deliberation and three rounds of voting from internal and external constituents, the College’s official mascot will be the Lynx. The lynx, a unique-looking wild cat with characteristic tuft ears, symbolizes truth, honor, good luck and vision. The bobcat, a type of lynx, is commonly found throughout Carroll County.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, the Board of Trustees of Carroll Community College (Carroll) authorized the College to begin the process of introducing an intercollegiate sports program for the first time at Carroll. Upon membership approval from the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the Maryland Junior College Athletic Conference (MD JUCO), the College plans to offer men and women’s cross-country and men and women’s soccer beginning Fall, 2019 in its first phase. Other programs under consideration for future phases may include lacrosse, baseball and softball.

College president Dr. James D. Ball appointed a Mascot Selection Committee in October to develop and implement a process to identify the mascot and create the athletic logo for Carroll Community College. Ball also extended an invitation to faculty, staff, students and the community at large to get involved in the process. Voters submitted 339 unique suggestions that went through a rigorous evaluation process by the Mascot Selection Committee. Several popular suggestions such as bears, bulldogs and owls were eliminated because of duplication with other local and regional mascots and several others were ruled out after being deemed inappropriate or derogatory in nature.   

The Lynx, the clear favorite among students, faculty and staff, was submitted by Carroll student Ryan Barron of Westminster and 2014 graduate of Winters Mill High School. Ryan stated, “I’m so excited and honored to have my suggestion become the College’s official mascot. How often can a person say I was part of history? The reason many people attend college is to increase their knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and since the lynx is also a constellation, I thought shooting for the stars is the embodiment of what Carroll is all about.”

Carroll President, Dr. James D. Ball stated, “We are thrilled by the selection of Lynx for our mascot, and even more pleased that it came from one of our students. Ryan gave such a thoughtful and passionate plea for his idea that moved so many people including me.” Ball also noted, “This is a critical step of many in the process. Over the next few months, we will submit our official application to MD JUCO. The team will create a mascot logo for the Lynx using our colors of blue and white, and we will be preparing for a site visit this Fall by MD JUCO, which is a requirement of the application approval process. I have every confidence that we will receive authorization and that our students will be participating in intercollegiate sports in 2019.     



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