McDaniel College and Carroll Community College Present the Westminster Symphony Orchestra

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Trish McCarthy Carroll, Public & Corporate Relations Officer, Carroll Community College, Work: 410-386-8184
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Westminster, Md., April 27, 2018—The Westminster Symphony Orchestra will perform their annual spring concert on Saturday, May 5 at 3 p.m. The concert will take place in the Theater in the Scott Center, located at 1601 Washington Road, Westminster, Md. on the campus of Carroll Community College.

The orchestra, comprised of students from both McDaniel College and Carroll Community College, as well as musicians from the surrounding communities, is under the direction of Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick, director of Instrumental Music Studies at McDaniel. Cindy Rosenberg, a cellist and faculty member at Carroll Community College, is assistant director.

 The featured soloist is a talented young harpist, Peter Stigdon, ahomeschooled 11th grader who will perform “Danse Sacrée et Danse Profane” by ClaudeDebussy. 

 Musical Selections
This spring, the concert is creatively titled “Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue.”

The concert features music from various periods:

The Sinfonia in Bb by Johann Christian Bach (the 11thand youngest child of Johann Sebastian Bach), who lived from 1735 – 1782 certainly counts as an “old” piece, but it also counts as “borrowed”; he took some material from an earlier composition and repurposed it into the Sinfonia you will hear the WSO play.

Edvard Grieg, who lived from 1843 – 1907, would not have been considered old by Johann Christian Bach, but to us this is definitely included in the “old” category. Grieg borrowed his own material that he had written for Isben’s play “Peer Gynt,” and reworked it into two suites for orchestra.

If Bach and Grieg could have a conversation, they would both agree that John William’s music from Star Wars definitely counts as modern, or “new”, for the purposes of our theme.

The “Blue Tango,” by Leroy Anderson, was a number one hit in 1951, juxtaposing a charismatic melody over a traditional tango pulse. The musical work captured the spirit of the era, as noted in the concert program guide.

Kirkpatrick, who is director of Instrumental Music Studies at McDaniel and Westminster Symphony Orchestra Musical Director, said, “We are excited to feature harpist Peter Stigdon! He is still a high school student and, in my estimation, he is brilliant!”

Assistant Director Rosenberg said, “To have a local orchestra that is accessible to the community (and with free admission) is an asset to that community. Classical music may be something to which local communities have not had a lot of exposure. Our programs tend to feature works that are easy to understand, are not long, and at times, may be more contemporary such as the Star Wars music. To hear a symphony orchestra live is a visceral experience because you can feel the sounds in your body, and it is very exciting. Hopefully we can spark an interest in our audience members to further explore this musical genre.”

Carroll Community College Director of Music Eric McCullough adds, “The Westminster Symphony Orchestra provides a unique opportunity to area musicians and audiences by allowing them to receive the full orchestral experience close to home. The collaboration between the two colleges is important, as it provides both students and audiences with an exceptional concert.”

The concert is free and open to the public. For more information, call the Carroll Community College Fine and Performing Arts department at 410-386-8575.

Membersof the Westminster Symphony Orchestra
The Westminster Symphony Orchestra is composed of members of both colleges and individual musicians from the community. The roster of members is as follows:

McDanielstudents: Ethan Brown, Fabiola Castillo, Nicholas Cummings, Thomas Fonda, Ryan Grant, Alec Hedstrom, Clayton Herbst, Matt Hopson, Kyle McAllister, Michael Nepini, Andrew Pyne, Reaiah Rutherford, Brandon Schlichtig,

McDanielMusic faculty: Lynne Griffith, Nick Reider, Rachel Andrews, David Motter, Nicholas Currie, Alice Tung, Lynn Fleming, Rob Sirois

McDanielCommunity: Travis Fuller, Joey Andrews, Chance Caprarola   

CarrollMusic faculty: Cindy Rosenberg, assistant director

Carrollstudent: Gregory DeGroff

CarrollCounty Public School students: Ashley Edwards, J.P. Neubert, Brandon Lauffer

McDanielAlumni: Betsy Meade, Alan Lyons 

AdditionalMusicians: Peter Stigdon ,Christina Cook, Michael Polonchak, Mark Klein, Gracie McNeal, Carolyn Taylor, Sarah Zimmerman, Kathleen Bromelow, Jennifer Hoff, David Shumway, Eddie Hermoso, Jeff Baker, Natica Losee, Frank Taylor, Kevin Solomowitz, Barbara Bowen, Deborah Seidel, Bobbi Little


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