• Power Brew
  • Grab a cup of Joe and join us from the convenience of your own office for a one-hour shot of caffeine for the business brain! This series provides new, insightful and innovative tips from area experts, delivered in a one-hour webinar for the busy professional.


    March PowerBrew: 

  • Agile Business

    Agile practices and methods have made great strides in Technology organizations over the past 15 years. In that time, companies have learned how to apply agile practices to other parts of the organization. Some leading edge companies, like Salesforce, use agile across the organization. Today’s business environment is evolving at warp speed. Business agility is one way to protect your organization from extinction. Companies who learn to adapt quickly in response to customer needs are sure to win in the marketplace. Tune in to this Powerbrew session and learn some of the ways that your company can apply agile practices outside of IT. Presented by: Linda Cook - Lean/Agile Coach & Trainer

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  • Collective Creativity & The Innovative Organization

    Do great leaders possess a special something that unleashes hidden creativity, innovation and inspiration within their teams? The answer may surprise you. A multi-year Harvard study suggests there are, in fact, specific attributes that inspire genius. The greatest leaders, from Dallas to Dubai, aren't necessarily successful due to their thought leadership or charisma, but the secret is in their ability to create a micro-culture of "collective creativity." We'll explore the research and how you can put the principles of collective creativity to work in your organization.

  • Pre-Suasion: Opening Minds to Your Message Before You Deliver It

    The secret to persuasion doesn't lie in the message itself, but in the key moment immediately before you deliver it. Building on 32 years of research by Robert Cialdini, the world's foremost expert on influence, learn how to capitalize on this essential window of time, influencing your customers and colleagues to say YES. Presented by: Mike Manion

  • Keeping Customers for Life through Random Acts of Kindness!

    Explore how small acts of kindness are making a big difference in the world of customer service. Alison will share real life examples of how low or no-cost actions can help improve your business bottom line and impact customers’ lives far beyond the service/sale exchange.

  • "Can I bring my dog to work today?" Using Total Rewards to Attract and Retain 5 Generations of Workers

    It's no secret that today's workers and the workplace are evolving. Attracting and retaining talent is difficult, especially with younger and older workers standing side by side. This webinar will explore the 5 generations of employees in the workplace, their unique and similar needs and motivators, and how using Total Rewards strategies can help companies lower turnover, increase employee morale, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. Presented by: Julie Develin, MS, SHRM-CP, PHR

  • From Living Well to Working Well: Strategies to help you modify your lifestyle and enhance your work performance

    When striving to excel professionally, we often neglect to consider the impact our health has on our work performance. However, our ability to manage our mental and physical health influences all areas of our lives, including our work. During this session, you will learn more about how your health is affecting your work performance as well as what you can do to change things by implementing simple and effective strategies to help modify your lifestyle, improve your health, and enhance your work performance.

  • Technology from the Backroom to the Boardroom

    Moving technology from a support role to a critical role aiding in important decision-making in any business or organization. To truly unleash the transformative power of technology and gain a competitive business edge, it is time for a paradigm shift! Presenter: Sonya Hand

  • The Surprising Secrets to Becoming an Expert: How C Players in your company become A Players and A Players become World Class

    Leaders often conclude that their superstar employees are more talented than others, born with a gift that other employees don't possess. Expertise is available to anyone on your team provided you help them acquire a very specific type of mindset and practice. You will learn how to do both in this webinar! Presenter: Mike Manion

  • Workforce Trends

    People Centered Design: The 2016 Global Workforce Trends Study is out! In this PowerBrew we will be examining four of the top trends forecast for the coming year: Organizational Redesign, Engagement, The Gig Ecomony and Learning. Presenters: Sonya Hand / Steve Berry