Policies - Section Thirteen: Other College Regulations - 17 - Biking, Roller Blading, Skateboarding, Hoverboards, Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Carroll Community College does not allow skateboarding, roller blading, bicycling, sidewalk scooters, or hoverboards on campus with the following exceptions: 1) a credit or noncredit program that may include their use while using proper personal equipment protection and in accordance with regulations and code; (2) as a method of transportation to and from work or instruction. These methods of transportation may only be used outside, and if brought inside, must be properly secured. Bicycles are to be kept outside in approved bike racks. Hoverboards must be stored outside as they are never allowed inside any building. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), which includes drones and model aircraft are not permitted to be flown on college owned or leased grounds without first receiving College approval, unless as part of a credit or noncredit program that may include their use.  For all other uses, including outside vendors requests must be made by contacting the Office of Risk Management. Their use will be considered on a case-by-case basis, following all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. UAS must never be flown inside buildings unless as part of the College's drone program and then only in designated areas..

If a violation occurs, Campus Safety and Security will advise that these activities are against College policy and politely request that one refrain from the activity or leave campus.

Failure to respond to requests these requests may result in faculty, staff, or student disciplinary action or police action in the case of an individual who is not a faculty, staff, or student.