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Request for Public Information

These are procedures for filing requests with Carroll Community College, Westminster, Maryland for the inspection and copying of records under the Public Information Act, State Government Article §§10-611 through §10-630, Annotated Code of Maryland. Carroll Community College will use the guidance and recommendations of the Department of the County Attorney for Carroll County, Maryland. Its purpose is to facilitate public access to the records of Carroll Community College when such access is allowed by law. (Public Information Request Form PDF)

To obtain a waiver for a total or partial waiver of fees on this basis of indigency, the applicant must submit an Affidavit of Indigency Request Form (PDF).

2. Definitions

  •  “Act” means the Public Information Act, State Government Article §10-611 through §10-630, Annotated Code of Maryland. 
  • “Applicant” means a person requesting disclosure of public records.
  • “CCC” means Carroll Community College, Maryland. 
  • “Custodian” means the Carroll Community College.
  • “Official Custodian” means the person who is responsible for the maintenance, care, and keeping of the public records of the CCC. Unless otherwise provided by law, the CCC Administration is the official custodian of the CCC’s records.
  • “Public records” means all paper, correspondence, forms, books, photographs, photostats, films, microfilm, sound recordings, maps, drawings, or other written documents, regardless of physical form or characteristics. “Public records” includes all copies made or received by the CCC in connection with the transaction of public business and includes the salaries of all employees of the CCC.
  • “Written documents” means all books, papers, maps, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, computerized records including e-mails, and other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics. 

3. Who May Request

Any person may ask to inspect or copy public records of CCC.

4. Necessity for Written Request

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the custodian shall generally make public records available for inspection by an applicant without demanding a written request.

The custodian shall require a written request if the custodian reasonably believes that the Act or any other law may prevent the disclosure of the record to the applicant or that a written request will materially assist the CCC in responding to the request.

5. Contents of Written Request

A written request shall contain the applicant’s name and address, shall be signed by the applicant, and shall reasonably identify by brief description the record sought.

6. Filing Written Request

Filing a Written Request for Student Records:

A written request shall be addressed to or
Carroll Community College
Attn: Registrar (room A114)
1601 Washington Road
Westminster, Maryland 21157

Filing a Written Request for Other Materials:

A written request shall be addressed to or
Carroll Community College
Attn: Chief Communications Officer
1601 Washington Road
Westminster, Maryland 21157

7. Response to Written Request

  • If the custodian decides to grant a written request for inspection, the custodian shall produce the record for inspection immediately or within a reasonable period, not to exceed 30 days from the date of the request where such period of time is needed to retrieve the information. If the request will take more than ten working days to produce a responsive record, a notice in writing or by email to the requestor must be sent telling the applicant an anticipated delivery date.
  • If the custodian decides to deny the written request, the custodian shall do so within 10 days of the written request and immediately upon deciding to deny the request, shall notify the applicant of the denial in writing including the reasons for the denial.
  • If a requested public record is not in the custody or control of the person to whom written application is made, that person shall, within 10 working days of the receipt of the request, so notify the applicant. If that person knows the name of the custodian of the record or the location or possible location of the record, this information shall also be given to the applicant. 
  • With the consent of the applicant, any time limit imposed by .07 A to C may be extended for an additional period. 

8. Records Destroyed or Lost

If a requested record has been destroyed or lost, the custodian to whom the application is made shall, within 10 working days of the request, notify the applicant of this fact and explain in the response the reasons why the record cannot be produced.

9. Fees

  1. The fee schedule for copying and certifying copies of records is as follows: (1) The fee for each copy is $.25 per page if reproduction is made by a photocopying machine within the CCC. If records are not susceptible to photocopying (for example, punch cards, magnetic tapes, blueprints, and microfilm), the fee for copies will be based on the actual cost of reproduction. There will be no charge for a request for five (5) pages or fewer. 
    (2) If a person requests that a copy of a record be certified as a true copy, an additional fee of $1 per page, or if appropriate, per item shall be charged.
    (3) A search fee of $25 per hour will be charged for the time required to search for and assemble documents in response to the request. No charge will be assessed for the first two hours incurred.
  2. Notwithstanding subsection A above, if the fees for copies, printouts, photographs, or certified copies of any record are specifically prescribed by a law other than the Act or this regulation, the prescribed fee shall be charged.
  3. If the custodian is unable to copy a record within CCC, the custodian shall make arrangements for the prompt reproduction of the record at public or private facilities outside of CCC. The custodian shall either collect from the applicant a fee to cover the actual cost of reproduction or direct the applicant to pay the cost of reproduction directly to the facility making the copy.
  4. Before copying a record, the custodian shall estimate the cost of reproduction and either obtain the agreement of the applicant to pay the cost or demand prepayment of any estimated fee before reproducing the record.
  5. The official custodian may not charge any search or preparation fee for the first two hours of official or employee time that is needed to respond to a request for information.
  6. Upon request, the official custodian may waive or reduce any fee charged pursuant to this regulation if the custodian determines that the waiver or reduction is in the public interest. The official custodian shall consider, among other relevant factors, the ability of the applicant to pay the cost or fee.
  7. If the applicant requests that copies be mailed or delivered to the applicant, the custodian may charge the applicant for the cost of postage or delivery to the applicant.
  8. Fee Waivers – An applicant may ask the agency for a total or partial waiver of fees. Under GP § 4-026(e), the official custodian may waive any fee or cost assessed under the PIA if the applicant asks for a waiver and if (1) the applicant is indigent, as that term is defined under the Act, or (2) the official custodian determines that a waiver would be in the public interest. To obtain a waiver on this basis of indigency, the applicant must submit an Affidavit of Indigency Request Form.

10. Time of Inspection

An applicant may inspect any public record that the applicant is entitled to inspect during the normal working hours of the CCC, which are 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

11. Place of Inspection

The place of inspection shall be the place where the document is located unless the custodian determines that another place of inspection is more suitable and convenient.

12. Documents for Inspection

The following documents are routinely available for immediate public inspection from the CCC Administration:

  • Board of Trustees Policy Manual
  • College Policies
  • Carroll Community College Catalog
  • Carroll Community College Student Handbook
  • Credit Class Schedule
  • Continuing Education and Training Class Schedule
  • Employee Handbook
  • Annual Audited Financial Statements
  • Many documents located on the College’s website at

Approved-CCC President 5/19/16