Policies - Section Thirteen: Other College Regulations - 3 - Bulletin Board Usage - Advertising


All bulletin board notices must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Life at least one week prior to an event, with the exception of notices for classroom bulletin boards and bulletin boards that are specific to and managed by a college department. Unapproved and non-college related postings will be removed. 

All community postings must be stamped for approval by the Office of Student Life, who will post to appropriate bulletin boards. Display of College community postings will be limited to the bulletin board beside the ATM machine located in the main level of the “A” Building and the lower level of “A” Building near Room A015. 

All posters, placards, and signs announcing activities and events of interest to and related to the student body must be stamped for approval by the Office of Student Life, who will post to bulletin boards found in common areas throughout the campus facilities (excluding classroom and departmental bulletin boards). At its discretion, Student Life may also place information on tables and study desks, or leave in mail boxes. After posters have become obsolete, they should be removed by the person or organization responsible. The College prohibits alcohol-related advertising and promotions. It also bans any promotional sponsorship of campus events or activities by alcohol-related companies and businesses.

At times, it is necessary for faculty and staff to display information to students advising of class scheduling, instructor illness, assignments, etc. Understanding this need, please use the following guidelines to prevent damage to walls and doors:

  • Use bulletin boards on classroom doors; do not tape messages to walls .
  • Use window glass, if available; otherwise, use door frames.
  • If not practical to use doorframes, information may be taped to doors but should be removed as soon as possible. The longer tape is on, the more difficult it is to get off. 

Note: Restrooms, elevators, entrance glass doors to any building, and planters are not appropriate places for posting flyers.

Approved Carroll County Attorney’s Office, March 11, 2013