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    Whether it's the visual arts or performing arts, Carroll offers degrees and transfer patterns that help you to find a career that matches your passion. Shows, performances and art galleries make this a dynamic place to practice your craft.

  • Career Information

    Students in the creative arts value self-expression, originality, beauty and the development of new ideas. They like to use imagination in creating solutions. Although individual specializations within the creative arts require unique skills, general skills cross disciplines in the creative arts, including: creativity; interpersonal communication; flexibility and adaptability; problem solving; and independence. Industries employing creative arts individuals are in every type of organization including government agencies, non-profits, private corporations, and educational organizations. Creative arts majors may also be self-employed or freelancers.

    These skills can be applied in a variety of areas including:

    • Acting, Drama, Theater (Performance and Production)
    • Music
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography
    • Film/Video/Media Production
    • Visual Arts (Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture)
    • Textiles

    Depending upon the discipline chosen, graduates of these programs may earn a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts and continue on for an advanced degree.

    Transfer Information

    • Guaranteed transfer with the AA degree (must be competitive for selective admissions options) to public schools in MD
    • Seamless transfer to out of state schools if you work closely with an academic advisor
    • Great merit based scholarship opportunities for high achieving community college students, at public and private schools
    • Special transfer agreements to various schools please visit Area of Study web pages for specifics
    • Do you want to transfer to a traditional college or university, or a school the focuses specifically on the arts?  Did you know that we have one of the best art institutions in the country right in our backyard?  Check out the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) at, and start building your portfolio for the admissions process!

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