Student Email Accounts

  • The time has come! Beginning in February of 2018, Carroll Community College will begin to administer email accounts to all credit students. 

    The goal for this spring semester is to get all of our current credit students into the system, so that they may begin using the new email account for all official business with the college. New students who begin in the summer or fall of 2018 will receive information about their Carroll email account when they initially apply to the college.  

    The introduction of the new Carroll student email is more than just a new email account. Current and new students will now have access to many Office 365 products, including Outlook Email, OneDrive and Office applications. In order to do a complete change-over to the new system, students will need to follow a quick and easy process on or before the ‘go-live’ date, which is February 6th, 2018.

    In January, all current credit students will receive an email to their current email address, (the account that the college uses to communicate within Blackboard and WebAdvisor.) This email will include a link to an Office 365 password reset page and their new User ID. Students will be asked to reset their password. For instructions and frequently asked questions, click this link.

    Once you setup your account you will have access to Microsoft Office 365. Your college email can be used, but the college will not start using this account for official business until February 6th. After February 6th, you will use the new User ID and Password to access Blackboard, Self-Service (Student Planning and Financial Aid modules) and WebAdvisor. At this point, students will no longer be able to access their Blackboard and WebAdvisor accounts with their old User ID and Password.

    You may not always have a computer available to check your college email. However, you can check email on your mobile device using the web browser or a mail app. The setup is not the same for all mail apps, but generally you will need to add an account to your mail app using your college email address, password, and choose Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Exchange Activesync for the type of account. If you need to complete the manual process, the server is and the domain\username is "\" with your email address (i.e. \

    During the change-over week, professional staff from our IT department will be in the Great Hall to answer questions and perform any troubleshooting steps that may be needed.

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