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Course: CIS Capstone, CIS-271
Matt Day
Assignment Title:
Security Camera New Hope

Assignment Details

This project was about installation in New Hope Fellowship Church of security cameras. We started off with what areas could be benefit from security detection through cameras. This was done by mapping and evaluating the location.


This project helped connect me to the engineering part of IT and its electric work. It helped me understand the power behind installation, like my network course on connectors. This topic can connect for other power installations at home, or when necessary, at the workplace. 


In the daycare center the attic provide additional space and using the open drill to reach the base floor. For electrical wiring, we were able to use an existing plug in for camera power. To hide the ceiling wire, we used a patch panel to cover the outlet. Able to scale well with time and cost are smaller factors for future installations. Cost on average for security cameras in buildings setting is affordable. Continuing to add security helps bystander safety for all. All wiring was eventually set and should be better for any future changes. Experience with cameras will make future preparations simpler.

Challenges and Successes

The initial setup was problematic due to limited space within the buildings. Other challenges were:

  • Limited available electrical wiring to power the cameras in the area.
  • How to fit the cameras background cables inside the walls.
  • Reaching certain spots or going through parts were hard to get through