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Ocean Front Property

Submitted to Jennifer Greenwood for Fundamentals of Geometry and Measurement (MATH-111)


This project was about helping my parents choose a plot of land out of three potential options using the formulas and skills acquired throughout the class. I had to use my knowledge of calculating area and ratios in order to find out the best possible choice to suggest to my parents for their retirement plan on the beach.

General Education Connections

  • Communicate ideas in written, oral and other modes as appropriate to a situation and audience
  • Apply quantitative and scientific reasoning skills relevant to a field of study
  • Employ various thinking strategies to develop well-reasoned judgments

Using the equation tools in Microsoft Word, I was able to communicate my method of obtaining data and then using that data to demonstrate evidence supporting my proposal. As this was an assignment about property value, I feel that I was using my knowledge of area calculation and the ratio of property values in a way that I would have to apply in real life as well. I also had to take into account my parents’ personal preferences in the creation of my suggestion to them.


The challenge that I am most proud to have overcome, besides my aversion to mathematics in general, is the use of the equation insert tools in Microsoft Word. I had never previously used the program in that way, and my first few times attempting to use the tools were unsuccessful. The instructional videos provided by the professor were extremely helpful in teaching me how to properly use them.


In the future, I plan on using what I’ve practiced in this assignment to help me choose a property or house in real life. I am at the age and point in my life where I will be looking for a house soon, and the ability to compare values of properties based on my preferences will come in extremely handy.