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Participants: Sarah Anderson, Megan Beardsley, Alyssa Boyer, Erin King, Virginia Steiger, Allison Stoner, Jordan Whittaker
Course: Processes & Acquisition of Reading, EDUC-201
Kristine Holocker
Assignment Title:
Family Literacy Night at Elmer Wolfe Elementary

Assignment Details

The assignment the group completed is an assignment that was geared towards family engagement and continuing a child’s education at their home with their families. The assignment focused on literacy examples based on the book Goodnight Moon. Each student made a lesson plan about a literacy standard and provided a lesson plan and materials for around 40 children 4 and under. While completing we were faced with challenges which brought out questions for how to create a cohesive lesson for children on all ends of the spectrum.


Teaching and interacting with students is what teachers do. Our field of study is education. Whether that is early childhood or elementary level, these important skills are crucial for each specific age range. We have learned about family engagement in this course and other courses. Family engagement is important to get to know your students, families, and how their out of school life is. Knowing their home life and families makes it easier to understand how to teach a child.

We can use this experience for our future reference as well as understanding how to build relationships with families and parents in our school. During the process we worked on creating lesson plans, which will be extremely beneficial in the future.


We learned how important it is to have the lessons and materials available for all ages of children, as well as learning how to be flexible with the children and their different abilities.

Challenges and Successes

Challenges we faced were:

The age requirements; it was hard to be prepared for the vast array of children because they were on very different learning levels, so it was hard to create an activity that was interactive for all ages.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and interacting with the families who we had just met for the first time, as well as creating new activities to go along with the book.

Our group would like to have been better prepared for all of the different ages. For next time it would be more beneficial to create more differentiated instruction for all ages.